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  • Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya

    Shaykh Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Husayni al-Ninowi actively teaches and participates in conferences worldwide...
  • Shaykh Ahmed Sa'ad

    Shaykh Ahmed Sa'ad Al Azhari delivered his first Khutbah at the age of 15, led his first prayer at the age of...
  • Shaykh Atabek Shukrov

    Shaykh Atabek Shukrov was born in Uzbekistan, a country where giants and luminaries of Isl...
  • Shaykh Dr. Mansur Ali

    Shaykh Dr. Mansur Ali is part of a new generation of young British Muslim scholars...
  • Dr Abbas Barzegar

    Dr Abbas Barzegar research areas include early Islamic history writing, hadith criticism...
  • Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed

    Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks uses his teaching experience and unique interactive style...
  • Shaykh Muhammad Idris Watts

    Shaykh Muhammad Idris Watts accepted Islam in 1998 in the first year of his Arabic Language Degree at...
  • Shaykh Mukhtar Ahmed

    Shaykh Mukhtar Ahmed is a graduate of the Faculty of Shariah at the Islamic University of Al-Madinatul
  • Shaykh Fakhruddin Owaisi

    Shaykh Fakhruddin Owaisi Al-Madani is a prominent Islamic scholar based in South Africa. He promotes...
  • Hafith Mahmood Khatib

    Hafith Mahmood Khatib is the president of Masjidul Quds and editor Al Hadil Ameen Magazine...
  • Moulana Ahmed Tahier

    Moulana Ahmed Tahier Mohamed has a diploma in Da’wah & Comparative Religion, Ma’din Kerela, India...
  • Shaykh Issa al-Ninowy

    Shaykh Issa al-Ninowy is a graduate of University of Damascus, School of Shari’ah. He was an Imam of a historic...
  • Ustadh Hafiz Ahmed

    Ustadh Hafiz Ahmed There is no information on this tutor at the moment.......................
  • Shaykh Ali Laraki

    Shaykh Ali Laraki holds a degree (Ijaza)in Sahri’a and Usul ad-Din by the European...
  • Shaykh Sa’ad al-’Attas

    Shaykh Sa’ad al-’Attas graduated from the Shari'a Institute run by the Tahdib wa Ta'lim in Damscus....
  • Ustadh Bilal Rashid

    Ustadh Bilal Rashid graduated from Madina Institute's One Year Usul-ud-Din Program in USA in 2016
  • Ustadh Adnan Rashid

    Ustadh Adnan Rashid memorised the Quran at the age of 17
  • Ustadh Zain Tahir

    Ustadh Zain Tahir completed his Undergraduate Studies in the field of Engineering....
  • Qari Abu Waleed

    Qari Abu Waleed tbc
  • Junaid Mir

    Junaid Mir is the Arabic teacher at Madina Institute and an optometrist by profession
  • Ustadha Hafza Iqbal

    Ustadha Hafza Iqbal has a university degree from the University of Wolverhampton in "Politics...
  • Ustadha Sofia Shareef

    Ustadha Sofia Shareef completed her Undergraduate Studies in the field of Sociology, Criminology, and Criminal...
  • Ustadha Aisha Hussain

    Ustadha Aisha Hussain is a graduate of Jamia al-Karam
  • Ustadha Nazia Rashid

    Ustadha Nazia Rashid is the Tajweed teacher at Madina Institute
  • Ustadha Davina Kanani

    Ustadha Davina Kanani is a graduate of Madina Institute
  • Ustadh Dhakir Braun

    Ustadh Dhakir Braun is a graduate of Madina Institute’s full-time Usul al-Din program, where he studied....
  • Ustadha Naumana Rabbani

    Ustadha Naumana Rabbani is the Tajweed teacher at Madina Institute
  • Ustadh Abu Laith

    Ustadh Abu Laith is the Tajweed teacher at Madina Institute