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Ustadha Hafza Iqbal


Ustadha Hafza Iqbal

Ustadha Hafza Iqbal has a university degree from the University of Wolverhampton in "Politics and World Religions." She has spent several years studying at "Sultan Bahu Trust" in Birmingham (UK) focusing on Arabic grammar. Her passion in the study of the Islamic Sciences took her to South Africa, where she studied at the Faculty of the Madina Institute and study "Usul-Ud-Deen" where she studied under several reputable scholars like:

  • Aqeedah, Ulum-ul-Hadith, Usul-ul-Fiqh with Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy
  • Arabic with Shaykh Ameinullah Abdur-Raoof
  • History and Uloom Ul Hadith with Shaykh Fukhrudeen Owaisi
  • Tazkiyyah with Shaykh Seeraj Hendericks
  • Hanafi and Shafi Fiqh, and Usool with Mufit Haroon al Azhari, Shaykh Ibrahim Moos and Shaykh Ahmad Saad al-Azhari
Ustadha Hafza Iqbal

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