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Shaykh Mukhtar Ahmed


Shaykh Mukhtar Ahmed

Shaikh Mukhtar Ahmed, a Hafiz ul Qur’an, is a graduate of the Faculty of Shariah at the Islamic University of Al-Madinatul Munawwarah. He holds a Masters degree in Semitics and his specialist area of research was on the well renowned scholar Imam Jalauddin As Suyuti. Shaikh Mukhtar lectured in Arabic and Islamic Studie at the University of the Western Cape at both undergraduate and post- graduate levels. He also taught Qur’anic studies and Arabic at a local Muslim high school.

Shaikh Mukhtar’s commitment to continuous community development and education manifested in a number of community classes including Hifz, Arabic studies, Tajweed, Fiqh and Hadith.

He was the resident Imam at Masjidul Quds from 1989-1990 and continues his close association with that mosque. Shaikh Mukhtar is a mureed of Shaikh Muhammad bin Yahya An Ninowi in the Alawi-Shazali tariqah. He currently teaches Arabic classes with the Madina Institute.

Shaykh Mukhtar Ahmed

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