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God Question(Rise of Atheism)


The number of people who identify themselves as ‘Atheist’ is on a sudden and dramatic rise- which is leading to ‘Atheism’ being one of the biggest challenges to humanity and the way of life. Atheists are questioning entire belief systems, attempting to disprove God through Science, Philosophy and Logic.

Why does God allow evil, they ask? Why does God allow death and pain? With Atheism now in fourth place in the world after Christianity, Islam and Hinduism- within a few years there will be more than 1 billion Atheists- One sixth of the world.

The Islamic World will not be spared and as recent reports suggest, it will take over the hubs of Islam, such as Saudi Arabia. Religious leaders are failing to tackle and answer to the issue of Atheism, which is only leading to its rise.

Join Madina Institute on a journey with Shaykh Dr Muhammad Bin Yahya An Ninowy through the proof of God and learn its evidences from the Quran & Sunnah. Break the mirage of Atheists and understand that there is ONE CREATOR

This course will consider the following Arguments: Qur’anic, Design, Hard Problems of Consciousness, Innate Disposition, Mortality, and Existence of Laws.


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