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Unravelling the Mysteries of the Soul(Final Destination)


Often a time you plan a trip abroad to go away and escape the hassles of daily life. The anticipation heightens as the trip advances. Preparations come into full swing.

Part of this preparation includes buying all the necessary items, gathering all other essentials and important documents for the trip. You have backup plans in case something goes wrong. You ensure you have somewhere safe to stay, and enough money for food and other expenses.

Such thorough preparation for a journey that is not 100% guaranteed and could be cancelled at the last minute!

There is one journey that you ARE guaranteed. That is the journey into the arms of death!

Does Allah not tell you "Every soul shall taste death"?

How much do you know about death? Do you know what happens at the time death comes to rip you away from this world? Do you know what the guaranteed journey will be like?

In this course, Madina Institute will take you through all the steps that your soul will take through this predestined journey.

"Your journey has already started and will inevitably come to an end. You didn't choose to come into this world and you won't be deciding your time to depart this world either. However, you can choose what will happen to you after you depart from this world, you can impact that result through your time and actions in this life."

Our qualified instructor will fill that gap in your knowledge and you will find the answers to any burning questions that are not always adequately answered.

The body and soul are rarely considered to be two separate entities even though the angel of death visits everyone on a daily basis. This realisation only hits you when you hear of a death. The course will address questions regarding what the body and soul experience moments before the soul is torn away as well as what the body undergoes at the time of its final bathing and up and until it is buried. What will become of your body and what will become of your soul? At what point will your soul be reconnected to your body for questioning? And, what will happen to your soul after your body decomposes?

And then comes the wait..... If you think waiting nervously for the dentist lasts a life time, imagine your condition when waiting for the day of resurrection. Imagine not knowing what your fate holds. Imagine that waiting room to be ghastly and torturous if your life was filled with disobedience and sin. The Prophet tells you:

"I have never seen anything more terrifying than the grave";

Do you know what makes it so terrifying? At that time who will come to your support? At that time who will even remember your name? What will benefit you in that moment?

Finally, that day will arrive. The Day of Judgment. Will it bring you joy and relief or plague you with eternal torment? Allah will destroy all of existence and then recreate everybody to stand before Him for accountability. Who will cross the bridge successfully? In that state of panic, who will you turn to in desperation? Who will be able to help you?

When will the final wait end for the believer? What will be YOUR final destination?


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