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Trials of the Virtuous(Tafsir Surah Al-Kahf)


Spend a moment to reflect on these thought-provoking questions:

  • The Companions of the Cave - who are they and how did they sleep so long?
  • What did Musa (Alaihi Salaam) learn from Khidr (Alaihis Salaam)?
  • Who is Dhul Qarnayn? And of what signifinance are Ya'juj and Ma'juj?
  • Why is Imaan the most precious gift from Allah and how can we protect it?
  • The consequences of arrogance & ingratitude towards Allah
  • Wealth, Knowledge & Power
    • How do we utilise the bounties from Allah?
    • Why does Allah test us in different ways?
    • How are wealth and children a distraction?
  • What advice did Prophet Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Alihi Wasalam give us regarding Surah Al Kahf?
  • What practical lessons can we take from this beautiful Surah and bring a change to our lives?

An answer to any one of these questions would make a profound difference to your life so now is the time to enrol onto this exceptional course which will aim to give you an answer to not just one of these pertinent questions, but every single one of them.

Read on to find out what the course is about.


Surah al Kahf, like all the Surah’s of the Qur’an, is a wonderful summary of many different important subjects and reminders. It begins with the beautiful Tawheed of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta Alaa, and that those who attribute Him with a son or partner are in manifest error. Linked to this is the story of the companions of the cave, who fled from their oppressive community, and were made to fall into a deep sleep in a cave for many years.

We are then taken into the lives of two men that had been granted great wealth and luscious gardens, but one of them became arrogant and proud after success, so due to his arrogance, attribution of success to himself and ungratefulness to Allah, he lost everything. The arrogance of Iblis and his ingratitude is also mentioned in conjunction to the former parable.

The story of Musa Alayhis Salaam and Khidr Alayhis Salaam is also a great reminder about how we must have patience in adversity, as we may not fully comprehend the wisdom behind our tests.

Lastly the account of Dhul Qarnayn is mentioned, who helped a community build a barrier against Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog), who will return again in the end of time and cause much havoc.

All this and many more practical aspects of this amazing Surah will be touched up in this unique intensive course, helping us to take lessons from such narrations and embody various praiseworthy characteristics that will shape our character and make us more devout to our creator inshaAllah.

What this course covers:

  • Virtues of Surah Al Kahf
  • Who are the companions of the cave and what's their story?
  • Lessons from the incident of the companions of the cave
  • Tawheed Vs Shirk
  • Trials and tribulations and how we should respond
  • Wisdom of Trials and Tribulations
  • Importance of reliance upon Allah
  • Distractors on the Path to Allah
  • Evils of the heart (Arrogance and Ungratitude)
  • Virtues of Patience
  • Day of Judgement and the Book of Deeds
  • Avoiding the Traps of Shaytaan
  • Account of Musa and Khidr
  • Practical Lessons from the Story of Musa and Khidr
  • Prophecy or Sainthood - The Status of Khidr
  • Having restraint and not being judgemental upon what appears obvious to us
  • Role of Teachers and necessity of seeking one
  • Who is Dhul Qarnayn?
  • Story of Ya'juj and Ma'juj and practical lessons
  • Working constructively to build society
  • Evils of Fitna
  • An opportunity to further your knowledge by having your questions answered by the Course Instructors.

Madina Institute Provides:

  • A unique opportunity to learn from some of the most exceptional Islamic Scholars in our time;
  • Companionship of like- minded motivated Muslims who want to seek knowledge for the pleasure of Allah;
  • Course folder and stationery;
  • Power point presentation to accompany in the delivery of lessons;
  • Creche Facilities (3-10 years old)
  • Q&A Session;
  • Access to recordings of the course; and
  • Students who enroll and attend the course will have the option to successfully complete an assignment and sit an exam which will confer 1 credit towards a Bachelors Degree (120 credits) in Islamic Sciences (BSc) from Madina Institute.



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