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Quran Recitation Drop-In Sessions(Improve your recitation of the Quran)

Quran Recitation Drop-In Sessions

Improve your recitation of the Quran

Are you struggling to devote time with the book of Allah ta alaa but yearn for a relationship with it?

Or are you uncertain about your fluency and mistakes when reciting and need help?

Or do you consider yourself fluent, but would like to beautify your recitation with Tajweed?

Or would you like to open the book of Allah ta alaa and connect with it for the very first time?

Regardless of your situation and fluency level, Madina brings you the first of our "Connecting with the Quran" classes in a friendly and non judgmental environment with one to one support by our renowned Syrian Qari and Quran Teacher Qari Abul Waleed.

Some benefits of taking this class:

  • Establish a relationship with the book of Allah ta alaa, which is our guide in life.
  • Eliminate any mistakes you maybe making in recitation and reap easy rewards.
  • Get a head start for Ramadhan in your relationship with the Quran.
  • Be in a position to improve your recitation in your Salah.
  • Be equipped to recite quran after your deceased/loved ones.
  • Escalate your mastery in recitation and fluency.
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