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Has the News of Moses Reached You(Voice of Prophecy)

Has the news of Musa reached you?

Have you heard of the baby boy separated from the care of his loving mother? Floating down the Nile, towards what could have been the greatest of dangers.

Have you heard of how his sister watched over him, reporting back to her mother? Found by the Wife of the Pharaoh who begged her husband to spare him as their heir.

Raised in the house of the greatest of Tyrants, have you heard of him?

Have you heard of Musa?

In reality, Musa is one of the most eminently spoken about Prophets in the whole of the Quran. His story is not just a literary narrative, but a living lesson and example of struggle, strength, loyalty and intimacy with Allah.

The Quran is many things, but it is not a place of mere story-telling, it is a place of living and breathing example for believing men and women, for all time. And the example of Musa is like that of no other.

Come and join Madina Institute UK on this new and exciting journey through the life of this blessed Prophet of Allah. To explore his life and lessons, to walk in his footsteps and to taste the sweetness of the Quran through one of the most eminent and important figures to have ever walked this Earth; a rare opportunity.

Madina institute UK offers a course like no other, a chance to study the whole life of the Prophet Musa, in great detail, with world-renowned scholars.

Join Madina Institute UK on this journey through the waves of the Nile to the doorstep of Pharoah this Novemeber.

This seminar is part one of a 3 part series, step-by-step, going through the life of Musa

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