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Beyond Beauty : The Story of Yusuf Alayhis Salaam(Tafsir Surah Yusuf)


Spend a moment to reflect on these thought-provoking questions:

  • What purpose do stories serve in the Quran and what can we learn from these?
  • How much is known about Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam)?
  • "The best of stories" Is there a reason why Allah refers to the story in Surah Yusuf in such an exemplary way?
  • Can Islam teach me the difference between lust and love?
  • How can we deal with people who are trying to harm us?
  • Is jealousy sinful?
  • Can I become closer to Allah through learning about Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam)?

An answer to any one of these questions would make a profound difference to your life so now is the time to enrol onto this exceptional course which will aim to give you an answer to not just one of these pertinent questions, but every single one of them.

Read on to find out what the seminar is about.


The mere mention of Surah Yusuf or the Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam) conjures up one thought in the human mind: extraordinary physical beauty. Whilst that is true, there are attributes beyond beauty that people can learn from the character and personality of Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam). His life was full of tremendous obstacles, obstacles that most of us could not fathom even if we lived hundreds of years and spent each of those years pondering over them. Allah (subhanahu wa ta ala’a) tests those whom he loves the most, and the most tested of people have been the Prophets (alayhum wasalaatau wasalaam).

Yusuf (alayhim salaam ) is not just a portrait of beauty; he is an obedient son, a patient brother in the face of jealous siblings, an exemplary example of nobility and honour despite senseless seduction. He is a man who forgave after being persecuted with treachery and disobedience. He is a lantern of guidance in dream interpretations and a man of true Taqwa (God-consciousness) in a time of fitna. This and many more practical aspects of his divinely inspired character and personality will be touched upon in this amazing unique intensive course, helping us shape to our character and personalities in an ever challenging lifestyle of the Western world.

What this course covers:

  • Importance of the Quran as a Guide;
  • Importance of taking the lives of the Prophets as guides;
  • The purpose of historical narrations and stories found in the Quran;
  • The sublime character of the Prophets;
  • Walk through of every word in Surah Yusuf exploring the multiple dimensions of every verse.
  • The Physical Beauty of Prophet Yusuf;
  • How the bounties of Allah should be treated;
  • Trials & Tribulations and how we should respond;
  • Trials & Tribulations faced by Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam);
  • Evils of Envy;
  • Envy faced in families and how to deal with it taking the examples of Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam);
  • Coping with the loss of loved ones with examples from the story of Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam);
  • Forgiveness in the face of treachery;
  • Importance of dreams;
  • Difference between lust and love;
  • Dealing with temptation;
  • The patience of Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam); learning this attribute and incorporating in your life;
  • Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam) his and reliance upon Allah (subhanahu wa ta a’la);
  • Prophetic supplications for dealing with calamities; and
  • An opportunity to further your knowledge by having your questions answered by the Seminar Instructor.

Madina Institute provides:

  • A unique opportunity to learn from some of the most exceptional Islamic Scholars in our time;
  • Companionship of like- minded motivated Muslims who want to seek knowledge for the pleasure of Allah;
  • Seminar folder and stationery;
  • Power point presentation to accompany in the delivery of lessons;
  • Creche Facilities (3-10 years old)
  • Q&A Session;
  • Access to recordings of the seminar; and
  • Students who enroll and attend the course will have the option to successfully complete an assignment and sit an exam which will confer 1 credit towards a Bachelors Degree (120 credits) in Islamic Sciences (BSc) from Madina Institute.


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