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Women's Essential(Fiqh of Menstruation)

For many Muslim women, the rulings regarding menstruation, postpartum bleeding and abnormal discharge can be confusing.

To know what is a true menstruation versus istihada or abnormal bleeding is important in order to fulfill acts of worship such as purification, salah, sawm, Hajj, reading Qur’an, etc. And married men and women need to know when to abstain or resume marital relations. Also, if a woman is experiencing istihada does she make wudu before every prayer or ghusl?

For many women who experience perimenopause, it can be a bewildering time. After having a normal menstrual cycle for decades everything is turned upside down. It is possible for a woman during perimenopause to bleed for the whole month. What is to be done regarding prayers, fasting and other acts of worship? These are serious issues and if the person doesn’t have the correct knowledge it could affect acts of worship.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about these issues among Muslims. Many Muslims base their understanding of these issues from their culture; others on hearsay. The correct information on these matters exist and is considered obligatory knowledge for Muslim women, as well as for husbands, fathers and guardians.

This knowledge is essential for every Muslim woman. Menstruation is amongst the most difficult topics in the study of fiqh. The magnitude of this knowledge is apparent by the detriment caused by the ignorance of it. Attentiveness to these rulings is vital because of the consequences they have on rulings of purification, prayer, reading the Qur’an, fasting, spiritual retreat, pilgrimage, reaching puberty, marital relations, divorce, waiting period after divorce, and others. Familiarity with these rulings is essential; otherwise, forbidden (haram) acts are done without even realizing it.

This course will cover all the rulings pertaining to Haid (menstruation) as well as Istihaadah (irregular bleeding) and Nifaas (post-partum bleeding) based on the Hanafi School. There are also other important issues such as Tahaarah (cleanliness) which will be covered.

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