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Biddah Intensive


“But the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him and his family peace) didn't do it, so why should we?” they say

Adherence to the Prophetic Way (Sunnah) is at the top of the priority list of everyone seeking Allah's pleasure and with that comes the avoidance of any blameworthy innovations. What are the blameworthy innovations (Bidah) though? Is there even such a thing as "good" Bidah? Why have the traditional scholars differed over the concept of Bidah for centuries? And why is it still a pressing issue today?

Celebrating the birthday of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him and his family peace), Eid Takbeer (invocations) in unison and using Dhikr beads are rarely discussed without the conversation on Bidah shortly following.

Join Madina Institute for the first intensive of this kind in which we'll take a critical study of the concept of Bidah, what it entails, the different viewpoints on it, and many case studies using these differing viewpoints.

This intensive will be led by our very own, Shaykh Muhammad b. Yahya al-Ninowy and includes a copy of the much awaited “Expressing Delight in The Birth of Light”, as part of the course price.

Be amongst the first in the United Kingdom to finally understand…


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