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Welcome to Oldham Youth Zone

Oldham Youth Zone believes in 'Inspiring young people to achieve'. We exist to support young people’s development, offering opportunities to gain, increase and develop skills, knowledge, self awareness and confidence, and enabling them to make positive and healthy life choices through our wide range of programmes aimed at different age groups.

The Youth Zone opened in April 2017 and is a facility for oldham’s children and young people.

The Youth Zone is located on Jackson Street in Oldham and offers a multitude of activities for children and young people to partake in, such as sport, fitness, arts, media, well-being and self-improvement.

The Youth Zone provides a safe environment where children and young people can come and enjoy themselves and enables them to raise their aspirations and confidence to create a happier and healthier generation.

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The support of the Oldham Youth Zone has been fantastic and you can can check out the Youth Zone’s full list of activities here.

If you would like to know more about the plans for the Oldham Youth Zone, or would like to get involved – please feel free to contact General Manager Zaheer Iqbal on 07826 523509 or contact us on oldhamyouthzone@madinainstitute.org

Below is a list of some of our current projects:


  1. Youth Club for Boys
  2. Youth Club for Girls
  3. Boxing classes for Boys
  4. Mixed Martial Arts for Girls (coming soon)

Take a look at a recent boxing class video below: